Carbon Reserves in Sugar Maples Project

Study of the interaction between ontology and phenology on non-structural carbohydrates in sugar maples, Acer saccharum.
– Prof. Sylvain Delagrange (UQO), Prof. Yann Surget Groba (UQO), Arthur Danneels (UQO), Annie Deslauriers (UQAC)

We know that the development in size (ontogeny) leads to great modifications in the structure and functioning of trees. The goal of this project is to study the variation of sugar content in the tissues of sugar maple trees and its allocation to growth according to its stage of development (age) and to the season. This will allow us to broaden our understanding of carbon management in trees, the potential for maple syrup production as well as the ability of the tree to respond to stressors throughout its life (from sapling to adult). To complete this project, trees of different stages (ages) in a gradient of light conditions will be tested. These trees can be found in the old forestry strip cuts present on the property of Kenauk. Measurements will include taking leaf, branch and trunk samples, approximately once a month for the next year to measure the sugar content in the different parts of the tree across the four seasons.

Stay tuned for results