Together, we can conserve an outstanding sample of the world’s largest remaining temperate forest

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and the Kenauk Institute (KI) are both charitable organizations partnering in an extraordinary effort to protect the world’s largest temperate forest dedicated to research and education: Kenauk. The Kenauk property is well known to many scientists and researchers around the world for its extensive 26,300 hectares (65,000 acres), numerous lakes and untouched wilderness. The area is home to many species at risk, which are found in the area’s old growth forests, swift river waters and the deep lakes.

Deeply rooted in Canadian history, the Kenauk property was once owned by the first bishop of New France in 1674. Impressively, throughout the 350 years of private ownership, this property has only known four owners. The property was kept whole and is now uniquely located in the heart of one of the few remaining natural corridors of continental importance for the survival of wildlife facing the impacts of climate change. Today, with such close proximity to our nation’s capital and the Montreal metropolis, development pressures threaten the area’s natural spaces. This is why permanently protecting the property is a priority.

NCC and KI are partnered to ensure this incredible property is not only protected for the long term but that it is also dedicated to natural sciences and educating future generations. By partnering with universities and public stakeholders, we aim to create the largest temperate research forest in the world.

A strategic conservation partnership of this magnitude is critical to Canada’s fight against climate change. Our research and education initiatives will benefit Canadians for generations to come.


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