The Kenauk Institute offers our guests and researchers unique accommodations in our pod village. These small but cozy cabins are equipped with all the basic necessities and comforts to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

We currently have eleven pods located at Whitefish Lake. These pods are 4 season and come equipped with electricity, limited internet, cell phone reception, furniture, a mattress and pillow. We recommend bringing your own bedding in the form of sheets and a blanket or a sleeping bag as well as your own towels and toiletries. Five of our pods are professor pods with double beds and six are student half pods which are smaller and have single beds.

The kitchen and bathroom facilities are both fully equipped, shared between all users of the pods and located in a separate building called the guide shack. The guide shack is also located at Whitefish Lake. It has a fully equipped kitchen, potable water, bathroom with shower, electricity, limited internet, and cell phone reception. Note that the guide shack has a fridge for food but no freezer. The stove is propane powered. Next to the guide shack is a public bathroom.

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Nature House
The Nature House is a new addition and acts as the Kenauk Institute’s main office and intern accommodations. It also includes a small meeting/conference space.