Archaeology at Kenauk

The goal of this research is to identify and document Kenauk’s cultural resources as well as classify geological sites of interest for exploration. One objective is to identify the extent of the Champlain Sea encroachment on the property of Kenauk. The first phase of this project was conducted as an archaeological inventory by Pierre Desrosiers with the help of students from McGill University and the Université de Montréal. The research was conducted mainly on Indian Island, other small islands and the Papineau Lake shoreline.

As part of this research, many surveys were dug and an archaeological site was discovered. In addition, surveys have documented the presence of old forest fires in some areas of the property. Clay deposits have also been discovered during several digs which will help determine the boundaries of the Champlain Sea, a sea present some 10,000 years ago in the region. Remnants from historial events were also found such as an airplane crash on Indian island. Known historical sites, for example former logging camps, will also be explored. This project will hopefully facilitate future archeology projects as well as contribute to the cultural heritage of the property.