Integrated Forestry Planning Project

Validation of an annual forest planning approach which integrates LiDAR
– Guy Lessard, Gilles Joanisse, Philippe Bournival, Donald Blouin (CERFO), Pascal Audet (LCFO)

This project will include the validation of an annual forest planning approach which incorporates airborne LiDAR technology. The goal is to keep forestry companies competitive using evidence based planning while adhering to all certification and accountability requirements as well as prioritizing forest ecosystem services and regeneration. This project will compare forestry methods to promote the restoration of desired species in a profitable context. Three types of irregular progressive cuts will be studied for feasibility, conformity, resilience, sustainability, short term effects on tree type, composition, spacing and cover, effects on regeneration (notably for hardwoods), impacts on biodiversity, fauna, productivity and related costs.

Stay tuned for results