Connectivity of Ecosystems Project

Connectivity of forest lotic ecosystems
– Prof. Marie Larocque, Audrey Maheu (UQO), Katrine Turgeon (UQO),Éric Harvey (UdeM), André St-Hilaire (INRS-ETE), Laureline Berthot (post-doc UQAM), Mathieu Auffray (PhD UQAM), Matteo Babinski (MSc UQTR), Cecilia Estable (MSc UQO), Baptiste Xavier Nelaton (PhD UQO)

The goal is to understand how hydrological and structural connectivity, biodiversity and the functioning of lotic ecosystems in the temperate forest of the Canadian Shield are affected by forestry and climate change. This project will provide recommendations for concrete actions to include water connectivity in forest management and restore connectivity under current and future conditions in Canada and other similar regions.

– Five watersheds (Surprise, Taunton, Jackson, La Croix and La Croix sub-basin) in the north-west of the Kenauk property were instrumented with hydrometric stations for monitoring flow rates.
– Thermographs to record water temperatures have been installed in all rivers.
– The Surprise, La Croix, and La Croix sub-basin watersheds, have been equipped with piezometers to monitor groundwater levels.
– Meteorological stations have been installed near the limnimetric water level stations.

Stay tuned for results