SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH JUNIOR INTERNSHIP – celebrating women in science

The junior internship program targets senior female high school students with a keen interest and passion for the biological sciences. It is an opportunity for students to experience real hands on data collection, learn about the whole scientific process, meet other young professionals studying biology, and learn about the various fields related to ecology and conservation biology. Junior interns will be paired with current Kenauk Institute interns and help them with their ongoing research projects. Students can use the data they collect for an independent research project or thesis in accordance with their schools curriculum. They are also encouraged to continue their data collection and research back at their home schools. The field experience gained during this internship is invaluable and will help individuals narrow down their scientific/research interests, as well as help them pursue their academic and career goals. Professional development sessions are also included with lessons on the scientific process, writing a professional scientific paper, proper data collection techniques and informal group seminars about education and career paths in biology.

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