Hydrology project

Papineau Lake Hydrology Project
– Dr. Marie Larocque (UQAM), Dr. Stéphanie Pellerin, Dr. Raphaël Proulx (UQTR)

The goal of this project is to understand the hydrologic dynamics of Papineau Lake and how those dynamics are related to shoreline wetlands. Three specific objectives will contribute to this goal. 1) Establish a monitoring network and hydrological alert system around Papineau Lake. Quantifying the lakes hydrodynamics will allow an estimation of how the lake will be affected in the long-term by land use changes and climate change. Probes that measure water levels and inflow/outflow volumes will be installed throughout the lake for long term monitoring as well as a weather station. This objective will also include developing a hydrological model of the watershed for simulating future scenarios, such as climate change. 2) Locate and characterize the lakes coastal wetlands and identify the anthropogenic pressures they face. This objective would be achieved in collaboration with Stéphanie Pellerin who specializes in coastal wetlands and Ducks Unlimited with their wetland mapping data. Indicator species, species at risk and insect bioacoustics signatures will be identified in these areas so as to designate them as protection zones. The natural and anthropogenic pressures these wetlands face will be identified, with a specific focus on shoreline thermal regimes and shoreline erosion by waves. 3) Create a list of recommendations to prevent / mitigate the negative effects of these pressures on the wetlands of Papineau Lake. An eco-nautical map of Papineau showing areas of specific concern would be created along with a set of regulations to help reinforce the conservation of the entire lake and watershed.

Stay tuned for results