The plant and animal species that occur at Kenauk are diverse and abundant unlike many of the surrounding areas. Nestled between the metropolitan centers of Montreal and Ottawa/Gatineau, Kenauk is a unique property that has never in it’s history been developed, offering santuary to a diversity of plants and animals. Its temperate forests and mosaic of water bodies offer a variety of habitat types from wetlands and marshes to both deciduous and coniferous forests, ensuring a wealth of diversity. Kenauks large, protected and wild character has allowed for the persistence of almost all native species, including some species that are otherwise of special concern or threatened.

Please refer to the fauna documents for further detail on our amphibian, reptile, fish, mammal, bird and bat diversity.

Amphibian, Reptiles and Mollusc Diversity
Fish Diversity
Mammal Diversity
Bird Diversity
Pollinator Diversity
Bat Diversity

* Kenauk Property Map